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Margie Howell
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I work at Hallmark, I love it there! I find it very satisfying to assist others in the selection of greeting cards, especially in this computer age of ours. Cards are so much more meaningful now, what with all the snazzy, hi-tech equipment people use to keep in touch. The people who still make that extra effort to come to the store and pick a card themselves show that they really care. It's like the difference between picking flowers for a bouquet yourself, and telling a florist, "Oh, just send dear old Mom arrangement number 6-C."

And you might say, "But they don't make the cards themselves, how is just picking one out so personal?" And to you I say, "Hey, people don't make flowers themselves either, they leave the hard part up to God!" You can't do everything yourself, but a little extra effort goes a long way!
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